Solar Cells-Projects



Sajad Mahmoodpour, PhD student

Title: Design & fabrication of Large scale perovskite solar cell by the aid of printing and evaporation

In collaboration with: Pro. Taghavinia 


 Naghmeh Peyghambardoost


Title: Photoelectrochemical cell based on free standing TiO2 membarane


In collaboration with: Pro. Khameneh Asl


CZTS Solar Cells

Sara Mashhun, PhD Student

Tiltle: Bulk-Hetrojunction Cu2ZnSnS4 based solar cell

In collaboration with: Pro. Taghavinia and Dr. Tajabadi



Perovskite solar cells 


Sara Mashhun, PhD Student


Tiltle: Stability in perovskite solar cell


In collaboration with: Pro. Taghavinia 



Mohadesheh Vafaie, PhD Student

Designing electrophysiological characterization system of biological cells based on the use of nanostructured electrodes

In collaboration with: Prof. Vosoughi and Dr. Sasanpour


Faezeh Ejeie, PhD Student

Fabrication of Graphene-like Electrodes for Electrochwmical DNA Sensing

In collaboration with: Dr. Akhavan, Dr. Sasanpour and Dr. Shokrgozar

Hasan Ahmadvand, PhD Students

Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructures based on W2S for Sensing Application

In collaboration with: Prof. Iraji zad



 Graduated Students:

 In Collaboration with Prof. Iraji zad

Tiltle: Fabrication and investigation of nanostructure solar cell Based copper oxide

 Leila Shooshtari, PhD student
 Employing inorganic hole transporter materials in perovskite solar cells

In Collaboration with: Prof. Sabagh Alvani

  Shima Mosakhani, PhD Student 

In collaboration with Dr. Sasanpour

 Title: Fabrication of nanobiosensor for detection of papillomavirus

 Ali Karimi Zefreh,PhD student

In collaboration with Prof. Ghorbani & Dr. Mousavi

Title: Modeling of sensing behavior of SnO2-CuO nanostructures for detection of H2S gas

Joobin Broon,PhD student
 Perovskite Solar Cells

Tiltle: Investigation of various parameters on quality of halide perovskite structure and the performance of perovskite solar cells

In Collaboration with: Dr. Moshaie

 Nasim Mohammadian, PhD Student 

Transparent conductive thin films

In colaboration with: Dr. Tajabadi

Hossein Pezeshki, MSc student

All Oxide Solar Cells

Tiltle: Fabrication and Characterization of thin films of electron transport and buffer layer thorough sputtering technique employing in all-oxide solar cells

In collaboration with : Prof. Iraji zad

 Elham Farahani, MSc Student
In collaboration with Prof. Iraji zad & Prof. Taghavinia

Title: Study and fabrication of dye sensitized solar cells based on doped titanium dioxide photo electrode

Shiva Shogh, PhD student


In Collaboration with Prof. Faghidi

Tiltle: Nanostructure TiO2 films by hybrid PEO-hydrothermal method for dye sensitized solar cell applications

Shima Shakourian, M.Sc. Student

In collaboration with Dr. Nikfarjam

 Title: Fabrication and characterization of semi-transparent nanostructured dye-sensitized solar cells

Zahra Zebhi, M. Sc. Student

 In collaboration with Dr. Nikfarjam

Title: Fabrication and analysis of hybrid solar cells based on organic-inorganic nanostructures

Arezoo Broomand, M.Sc. Student


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